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1 Home Range Size and Overlap of the Small Nocturnal Schlegel’s Japanese Gecko (Gekko japonicus), Introduced into a City Park in Korea
2019年4期 [261-269][摘要](485)[pdf 780KB](134)
2 Mating Ethogram of a Video-aided Study of Mating and Parturition in Captive Chinese Crocodile Lizards (Shinisaurus crocodilurus)
2019年4期 [253-260][摘要](483)[pdf 1268KB](126)
3 Thermal-physiological Strategies Underlying the Sympatric Occurrence of Three Desert Lizard Species
2019年3期 [190-196][摘要](755)[pdf 700KB](304)
4 Embryonic Growth and Yolk Depletion during Incubation in the Chinese Skink, Plestiodon chinensis
2019年1期 [56-61][摘要](1129)[pdf 306KB](520)
5 Perch Associated Expression of Phenotypic Plasticity in Limb Development and Sprint Speed in Agamid Lizard Calotes versicolor: A Laboratory Study
2018年3期 [175-181][摘要](1462)[pdf 2542KB](763)
6 Sex Ratio and Sexual Size Dimorphism in a Toad-headed Lizard, Phrynocephalus guinanensis
2018年1期 [35-42][摘要](1696)[pdf 1167KB](1169)
7 Effects of Constant versus Fluctuating Incubation Temperatures on Hatching Success, Incubation Length, and Hatchling Morphology in the Chinese Skink (Plestiodon chinensis)
2017年4期 [262-268][摘要](2389)[pdf 683KB](1186)
8 Effects of Sand Grain Size on Habitat Selection in Steppe Toad-headed Lizard (Phrynocephalus frontalis )
2017年2期 [123-130][摘要](2241)[pdf 393KB](1279)
9 Amphibians and Reptiles of Cebu, Philippines: The Poorly Understood Herpetofauna of an Island with Very Little Remaining Natural Habitat
2016年3期 [151-179][摘要](2847)[pdf 6417KB](2204)
10 The Effects of Chronic Hypoxia on Thermoregulation and Metabolism in Phrynocephalus vlangalii
2016年2期 [103-111][摘要](3017)[pdf 1149KB](1878)
11 Is Habitat Preference Associated with Locomotor Performance in Multiocellated Racerunners (Eremias multiocellata) from a Desert Steppe?
2015年2期 [143-149][摘要](1768)[pdf 284KB](1534)
2014年4期 [263-270][摘要](1931)[pdf 532KB](1666)
2014年4期 [213-227][摘要](1643)[pdf 3891KB](1570)
2014年3期 [197-203][摘要](1566)[pdf 545KB](1168)
2013年4期 [248-253][摘要](1637)[pdf 423KB](1369)
2013年4期 [225-232][摘要](1838)[pdf 1717KB](1209)
2013年3期 [214-220][摘要](1931)[pdf 541KB](1336)
18 Spatial Distribution Pattern of the Steppe Toad-headed Lizard (Phrynocephalus frontalis) and Its Influencing Factors
2012年1期 [46-51][摘要](1533)[pdf 958KB](1520)
19 Habitat Use, Home Range, and Hibernaculum of the Mongolian Racerunner, Eremias argus (Lacertidae, Reptilia) in a Coastal Sand Dune in South Korea
2012年2期 [133-140][摘要](1848)[pdf 834KB](1509)
20 Female Reproductive Cycles of Phrynocephalus przewalskii (Lacertilia: Agamidae) in the Tengger Desert, China
2011年1期 [30-35][摘要](1593)[pdf 515KB](1151)
21 First Records of Tropiocolotes steudneri Peters, 1869 and Hemidactylus flaviviridis Rüppell, 1840 (Sauria: Gekkonidae) from Fars Province, Iran
2010年1期 [61-63][摘要](1618)[pdf 1852KB](1280)