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1 Covariation in Insular Life-history Traits of the Rice Frog (Fejervarya limnocharis) in Eastern China
2013年1期 [28-35][摘要](1714)[pdf 2114KB](1339)
2 Call Characteristics of Two Sympatric and Morphologically Similar Tree Frogs Species, Polypedates megacephalus and Polypedates mutus (Anura: Rhacophoridae), from Hainan, China
2018年4期 [240-249][摘要](1319)[pdf 2867KB](928)
3 A Review for Life-history Traits Variation in Frogs Especially for Anurans in China
2018年3期 [165-174][摘要](1701)[pdf 336KB](844)
4 Intraspecific Polymorphism of Rice Frog, Fejervarya multistriata (Anura: Ranidae), in Lingnan, Huangshan, China
2017年1期 [22-26][摘要](2532)[pdf 1436KB](1527)
5 No Evidence for Significant Effect of Body Size and Age on Male Mating Success in the Spot-legged Treefrog
2016年1期 [41-45][摘要](2774)[pdf 225KB](1433)
2015年4期 [291-297][摘要](1863)[pdf 3959KB](1782)
2014年4期 [263-270][摘要](2025)[pdf 532KB](1723)
2013年3期 [214-220][摘要](2035)[pdf 541KB](1386)
9 Effects of Body Size and Environmental Factors on the Acoustic Structure and Temporal Rhythm of Calls in Rhacophorus dennysi
2012年3期 [205-212][摘要](1788)[pdf 1663KB](1593)